Psychonauts 1.0

Throughout the game, there are two chances of diving into Raz’s psyche
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Born with psychic powers but forbidden to use them by his strict father, Raz ran away from home to train to be an international secret agent. In other words, a Psychonaut. This has been his life’s dream, and nothing is going to get in his way now. Not the threats of the camp bully, not the apathy of his cynical but cute girlfriend, not the hideous monster that comes out of the lake at night to eat children’s brains—nothing.
The protagonist and playable character of the game, Raz (short for Razputin) is a ten-year old circus acrobat with psychic abilities who dreams of becoming a full-fledged Psychonaut. Because of his father’s opposition to and fear of psychic powers, Raz is forced to run away from his home to arrive at Whispering Rock Summer Camp, where the majority of the story takes place. His full name is Razputin Aquato.

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